Staff Directory

2020-21 Spring Street Academy Staff Directory

Administrative Staff:

Heather Janes Pedersen Principal
Tasha Boss Vice Principal
Kenesha McCormick Admin. Assistant


Classroom Teaching Staff:

Lisa Brunt Primary
Charlene Moore Primary (job share with L. Brunt)
Nancy Letcher Primary
Sarah Crocker Primary French Immersion
T'Angele Boudreau Primary/One French Immersion
Lacy Allen One
Susan Baker One/Two
Jenna-Mae Tingley One/Two French Immersion
Kristen Graham Two
Jennifer Cunningham Two French Immersion
Mary Jane Foley Two/Three
Cheryl Davis Three
Joy MacLean Three (job share with C. Davis)
Samantha Constantine Three French Immersion
Krista Leigh Nixon Three/Four
Mari Robertson Four French Immersion
Paul Bennett Four
Pronoti Majithia Five/Six
Lynn Ann Gill Five
Lesley Murphy Six
Tonya Wood Six

Specialist Teaching Staff:

Daren White Physical Education whitedj@ccrceca
Jared Gogan Physical Education (50%)
Sheri Cormier Music (90%)
Dawn Boutilier Core French
Nancy Mahoney Learning Support/Assistive Technology
Kathleen Hawkes Learning Center
Sonya Taggart Learning Support & Learning Disabilities
Michelle Savoie FI/Eng Learning Support & FI Early Lit. Support
Loretta Robinson Reading Recovery/Early Lit. Support
Craig Russell Behavior Support Teacher (60%) - On leave
Jessica Starratt School Counselor
Falon Mayhew Student Support Worker


Educational Assistants:

Linda Chapman
Christa O'Brien
Jennifer Hawkes
Lynsey O'Brien
Ashley Longshaw
Thomas Robinson
Katelyn Wheaton
Lacey Bulmer
Erin Richards
Shelby Oickle
Stephanie Desjardins
Madison McFadden (on leave)

Custodial Staff:

Roxanne Quilty
Betty Moore
Scott Cameron

Cafeteria Staff:

Kerri Smith

Noon Monitors & Crossing Guards:

Gladys Atkinson (monitor)
Heidi Flemming (monitor)
Bob Janes (monitor)
Gayle Janes (monitor)
Melanie Arsenault (monitor)
Judy Richards (crossing guard - medical leave)
Glenda Fraser (crossing guard - covering medical leave)