Staff Directory

2017-18 Spring Street Academy Staff Directory

Administrative Staff:

Heather Janes Pedersen Principal
Tasha Boss Vice Principal & Classroom Coverage
Kenesha McCormick Admin. Assistant


Classroom Teaching Staff:

Lisa Brunt Primary
Charlene Moore Primary (job share with L. Brunt)
Nancy Letcher Primary
Sarah Crocker Primary French Immersion
Chantal d'Entremont One French Immersion
Susan Baker One
Lacy Allen One
Jenna-Mae Tingley One/Two French Immersion
Leisa Cameron Two
Sylvia Stewart-Pitts Three
Jennifer Cunningham Two French Immersion
Kristen Graham Two
Cheryl Davis Three
Joy MacLean Three (job share with C. Davis)
Samantha Arseneau Three French Immersion
Parker Fuller Four/Five
Mari Robertson Four French Immersion
Bev Curry Five
Paul Bennett Four
Kyle Busche Six
Tonya Wood Six
Amanda Gould Music Medical Leave
Lee Ann McKoy CAP Support Teacher

Specialist Teaching Staff:

Daren White Physical Education whitedj@ccrceca
Vanessa Hairston Music
Pam Hovey Core French & Classroom Coverage
Mary Lynn Brinson Pam Hovey Leave Coverage
Nancy Mahoney Resource/Assistive Technology
Amy O'Neill Resource & Learning Center
Sonya Taggart Resource & LD
Michelle Savoie FI/Eng Resource & FI Early Lit. Support
Loretta Robinson Reading Recovery/Early Lit. Support
Craig Russell Behavior Support Teacher
Jessica Starratt Guidance
Falon Mayhew Student Support Worker


Educational Assistants:

Linda Chapman
Christa O'Brien
Jennifer Hawkes
Jo-Ann MacWhirter
Jacy Trenholm
Angela Muise
Ashley Longshaw
Thomas Robinson
Katelyn Wheaton
Lacey Bulmer
Zena Ruzycki

Custodial Staff:

Roxanne Quilty
Betty Moore
Scott Cameron

Cafeteria Staff:

Kerri Smith
Natasha Gail

Noon Monitors & Crossing Guards:

Gladys Atkinson (monitor)
Heidi Flemming (monitor)
Dawn Burbine (crossing guard)
Judy Richards (crossing guard - medical leave)
Glenda Fraser (crossing guard - covering medical leave)