Playground Access Notice

Keeping our students safe is important to all of us. For that reason and in response to concerns raised by parents and staff, we ask that the playground area be reserved to students and staff only between the hours of 8:25 AM and 2:45 PM. All parents/guardians/siblings/pets are kindly asked to remain outside the playground area. As such, we ask that our families accompany their children to the edge of our playground at the beginning of the day and allow their children to play/socialize independently until the bell rings. Children will walk to their designated entry door on their own. We also encourage parents/guardians who pick up their children at the end of the day to wait along the edge of the playground and establish a meeting spot in those areas.

The playground is an extension of our school and often used as an outdoor classroom throughout the day.  The same check-in process is necessary for the playground as inside our building. Parents/guardians who wish to be on the playground within the hours noted above are required to sign into the office and pick up a visitor’s tag. An exception to this guideline will be made for our licensed daycare providers who drop off/pick up a number of children each day. These changes are supported by our School Advisory Council which is comprised of parents, community members and staff.